The EV Roadshow has taken Plug’n Drive across Ontario on a campaign to increase public awareness about electric vehicles by participating in events all over the province, including conferences, trade shows, community festivals and employee engagement seminars.

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EV Lunch and Learn

Are you looking for a fresh take on your employee engagement programming? Did you just add electric vehicles to your company fleet? Did you just install employee charging stations? Is your organization curious about what electric vehicles have to offer?


If you answered yes to any of these questions than the EV Lunch and Learn is for you.


Through the EV Lunch and Learn program, Plug’n Drive sends experienced outreach professionals to your location to provide an EV presentation that can be catered to your needs followed by an exclusive EV test drive.


Engage your workplace around electric vehicles with an EV Lunch and Learn by contacting

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EV Event Feature

Are you hosting an event? Are you looking to enhance your event with an unforgettable feature? If so, than look no further than the EV Roadshow.


Plug’n Drive has provided EV features at events all over Ontario from global trade shows and conferences to community festivals and fairs.


This all-inclusive event feature includes a full Plug’n Drive booth display, the latest EV makes and models from leading manufacturers and knowledgeable EV outreach professionals.


Electrify your next event with the EV Roadshow event feature by contacting

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Electric Vehicle Advantage

Electric cars are cheaper to operate and maintain, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver better performance

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