Employee Engagement and Enrichment

COVID-19 has been a global wake-up call reinforcing the relationship between environment and health. We have access to the tools and technologies needed to build climate resiliency. Electric vehicles are one of those tools.

Electrify Your Future Webinar Series

The Electrify Our Future webinar series is targeted at businesses and workplaces looking to engage their employees and communities around building a healthier future. This webinar experience is your comprehensive introduction to the world of electric driving and covers:

  • Canada’s clean electricity sector and why driving electric makes sense.
  • Getting your home ready for a charging station and how to access public charging networks.
  • Canada’s electric vehicle marketplace; what’s available and what’s coming soon.
  • EV action worldwide; An overview of global trends and thought leaders.

Electrify Your Future Test Drive

Talking about electric vehicles is one thing. Experiencing them is another. Plug’n Drive can provide a selection of EVs for your employees to try out.

  • Appointment-only Scheduling; Your employees select their preferred time slot in advance to avoid line-ups and crowding.
  • At a cord’s length; Your employees and Plug’n Drive’s EV specialists maintain 6 ft. physical distancing where possible. Plug’n Drive’s specialists accompany all test drives from the passenger-side back-seat.
  • Staying clean; Masks are required throughout the entire appointment and all touched surfaces (steering wheels, climate controls, mirror controls, etc.) are disinfected after each test drive.