Plug’n Drive is one of Canada’s leading voices on the electrification of transportation, an unbiased source of information on electric vehicles, charging stations and the electricity sector. Over nine years of operation, Plug’n Drive has developed an extensive list of best practices based on our interactions with key market players (auto manufacturers, charging manufacturers, electrical utilities/generators and governments).

This page contains a comprehensive list of the various services Plug’n Drive offers to help businesses, individuals and governments harness the shift to electric transportation.

Employee Engagement and Enrichment

Keep employees motivated and offer expertise that can help them save money and take climate action. Plug’n Drive offers custom webinars and contact-free test drive events that make an ideal addition to existing employee engagement strategies or as a stand alone activity. Reach out to discover how we can help.

Electrify My Employee Engagement

Mobile Electric Vehicle Education Trailer (MEET)

Establish an EV hub in your community. MEET is a mobile and fully interactive learning experience that comes equipped with Plug’n Drive EV specialists, Canada-wide informational displays and an EV test drive activity. MEET can remain active in one location for weeks or months at a time and is the perfect addition to any regional EV program.

Electrify My Community

Student Learning

Provide your students with a unique and interactive learning experience. This program addresses the science and history behind the evolution of the electric vehicle. Plug’n Drive can offer a virtual class for your students to learn about electric vehicles and how the technology is changing the way we move people and resources.

Electrify My Classroom

Brand and Event Activations

Accompany your product launch, company announcement or customer engagement campaign with an electric vehicle showcase and/or test drive feature.

Electrify My Brand

Workplace Charging and Fleets

Enhance your business for employees or customers by electrifying your fleet, installing charging stations or both. We partner with the best in the business and can refer you to the right suppliers based on your needs. Contact us to get the process underway.

Electrify My Workplace