Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program

February 14, 2018-PnD

Workplace Charging

On January 16, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation visited the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre to announce Ontario’s Workplace Charging Incentive Program. Under this new program, workplaces qualify for 80% of the cost to purchase and install electric vehicle charging stations to a maximum of $7,500 per station. This program is in addition to the electric vehicle purchase and home charging incentive programs making Ontario one of the best and most affordable places in the world to drive electric.

Notice (Effective February 23, 2018): Applications have now closed as the program funds have been exhausted. If you have already submitted your application and did not receive a notification of approval, you will be placed on a wait-list (subject to eligibility). Funding may become available as projects are completed or if additional funding is identified.

If you did not apply but are interested in the program, please email and you will be notified if the Ministry begins accepting applications again.

Charge Up Your Workplace

The number of incentives you can apply for is based on the number of employees and the number of dedicated employee parking spaces you have. All stations installed under the program, must be:

  • Level 2 (240 Volts/30 Amps)
  • Networked, ie. have an internet connection in order to collect usage data, including: the number of sessions, the time and duration of each session, the amount of electricity provided and the fee collected for each session (if applicable)
  • Certified for use in Canada (cSA, CuL)

There are a number of companies that manufacture, sell and install charging stations that fit this criteria, specifically: ChargePoint, Elmec and Flo

How Plug’n Drive can help

Installing charging stations is big step forward toward encouraging your employees to drive electric. That said, our research shows that the vast majority of Ontarians have little to no awareness about electric vehicles. Common misconceptions exist about the cost to buy EVs, the choice that is available, the environmental benefits, available incentives and cost of ownership incentives.

In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, Plug’n Drive is offering electric vehicle lunch and learn sessions for participants of the program. Plug’n Drive representatives will travel to your office to do a presentation on electric vehicles, including the environmental and economic context surrounding electric transportation,  how charging stations work and where to find them and to provide electric vehicle test drives for your employees. For a limited time only, these lunch and learn sessions are free of charge.

In addition, following the announcement of the program, Plug’n Drive and the Ministry of Transportation conducted a webinar series to help applicants better understand the application process.

For your copy of the webinar materials and/or to book a lunch and learn session at your office, contact us at

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