Workplace Charging


Electric vehicles offer numerous economic and environmental benefits to employers and employees. From reducing operating costs, to performance advantages to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, EVs are the future of transportation.

Enabling EV charging at the workplace contributes to workforce mobility, travel efficiency, workplace satisfaction for existing staff, attractiveness to new hires and an increase in property value and, ultimately, brand value.

Employee Benefits


Recruitment and Retention: On-site charging stations help attract and retain employees who drive or want EVs, but cannot install chargers at home due to property location or condo/apartment restrictions and employees that have longer commutes


Satisfaction: Access to charging is a value-added workplace benefit


Transportation Efficiencies: EVs have single driver access to HOV lanes to help reduce commute times.

Fleet Benefits


EVs significantly reduce your operating costs through lower fuel costs, lower maintenance costs and improved efficiency


EVs are not subject to volatile gasoline prices and are therefore easier to plan and account for when budgeting


EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution helping your organization meets its environmental sustainability goals

Brand Benefits


EVs demonstrate your organization’s commitment to cutting edge clean technology


EVs improve your brand reputation by appealing to growing public concerns about climate change and energy conservation


EVs are a meaningful addition to your organization’s sustainability profile, enhancing employee commute options and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions reduction


EV charging stations contribute to LEED building certification

Cost Considerations – Equipment, Installation, Electricity

  • Equipment costs for Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations can range from $700-$7,000
  • Installation cost varies dramatically from case to case, but some factors affecting it include: electrical service upgrades (if necessary), distance to the electrical panel, the number of stations installed, indoor versus outdoor installations, permits and inspection costs
  • If your organization anticipates expanding the number of available stations, it is recommended that you install the additional capacity and conduits at the same time
  • Demand charge management solutions are available with many public charging station products that can reduce or stop EV charging during peak times and maximize your existing electrical capacity

Canadian Electric Car Fast Facts

  • There are more than 100,000 electric cars on the road in Canada
  • Driving an electric car in Canada can reduce your vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%
  • There are over 6,000 public charging stations across Canada
  • All Canadians qualify for a $5,000 incentive off the purchase of fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric car
  • There are over 40 different models of electric car available for sale in Canada

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