Used Electric Vehicles

Plug’n Drive, in collaboration with Clean Air Partnership, and made possible thanks to the support of the M. H. Brigham Foundation presents the Used Electric Vehicle and Scrappage Incentive programs.

Used EV Incentive Program


Open to Ontario drivers only. The Used EV Incentive program provides $1,000 toward the purchase of a used fully electric car. Plug-in Hybrids do not qualify.

To be eligible, all applicants must attend a free online Used EV Incentive seminar.



Thursday, September 9 – 3 PM (Click to Register)

Wednesday, September 15 – 3 PM (Click to Register)

Wednesday, September 22 – 7 PM (Click to Register)

Thursday, September 30 – 3 PM (Click to Register)


Visit Used EV Incentive for more information.

Scrappage Incentive Program

If you apply to the Used EV Incentive program above, you are also eligible for the Scrappage Incentive. The Scrappage Incentive provides an additional $1,000 toward your used EV purchase if you also scrap your old gas car.

Visit Scrappage Incentive for more information.

Used EV Network

Discover used EVs available for rental and sale at the Electric Vehicle Network.



Phone 1-800-387-9391

To view used electric vehicles available today, visit

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