Lead the Charge: Workplace Charging Webinar June 3 | 1 PM

May 28, 2020-PnD

Lead the Charge

The way we move goods and people is becoming increasingly electrified. Stay ahead of the curve by getting your workplace EV-ready. Installing workplace charging stations will:

  • Attract and retain talent while increasing employee satisfaction
  • Further your corporate sustainability practices and mitigate climate risk
  • Strengthen your brand position by demonstrating a commitment to clean and innovative technologies

The Why is obvious. The How is not so clear.

That is why Plug’n Drive, in collaboration with Mantle, created the Lead the Charge: 2020 Guide to Workplace Charging.

This guide contains everything you need to know about workplace charging, including: assessing demand and capacity, selecting the right charging equipment, cost considerations, installation considerations and how to engage your employees around the benefits of electric transportation.

To help you on the path toward workplace charging, Plug’n Drive is hosting a webinar on the topic June 3 at 1 PM. Hear from our President and CEO on:

  • The status of Canada’s EV market
  • Why workplace charging is becoming increasingly important
  • Some of the benefits of investing in workplace charging
  • Lessons learned through case study examinations


The Time to Electrify Your Workplace is Now! Last Chance to Apply for Canada’s Workplace Charging Incentive Program

As part of the Government of Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle strategy, workplaces are eligible to apply for funding to help cover the cost of charging station installations. You can receive 50% of the eligible project costs to a maximum of $5,000 per station.
The deadline for applications is June 11, 2020. Learn more about the program by visiting: ZEV Infrastructure Program.