Charging stations have similar electrical requirements to a laundry dryer and any licensed electrician can install one. The links below can help you find a licensed electrician in your area. Simply contact a nearby provider and request a quote. We recommend getting three quotes.

Alberta: Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta

British Columbia: Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia

Manitoba: Electrical Association of Manitoba

New Brunswick: Electrical Contractors Association of New Brunswick

Nova Scotia: No industry association. Contact Nova Scotia Power.

Newfoundland: No industry association. Contact Newfoundland Power.

Ontario: Electrical Safety Authority

Québec: Corporation des Maîtres Électriciens du Québec

Saskatchewan: Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan

Although informing your electricity provider that you are installing a charging station is not mandatory, we do recommend it. This will help them monitor the grid impact of electric vehicles and upgrade local transformers if necessary.

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