31 October, 2013

First-ever electric vehicle dealership awards program unveiled for Canadian car dealerships

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), in partnership with Plug'n Drive, was pleased to unveil Canada’s first-ever Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards program for Canadian car dealerships.

The announcement was made at today’s electric vehicle industry awards ceremony at the EV 2013 VÉ Electric Vehicles Conference and Trade Show, Canada’s biggest electric vehicle event hosted annually by Electric Mobility Canada.

“It is important to celebrate successes and spotlight leaders and contributors as we all work together to electrify transportation in Canada,” said Jim Burpee, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. “Our members applaud the award winners being recognized today and we look forward to expanding the recognition to electric vehicle dealerships next year.”

The adoption of electric vehicles by Canadians is a means of achieving sustainability in transportation.  Electric cars can emit as much as 90% less carbon dioxide than gas-powered cars depending on the electricity source and they can take advantage of surplus off-peak electricity which translates to local economic benefits.  They also require less maintenance and have lower fuel costs than gas cars, making them more affordable to drive. 

“Plug’n Drive works hard to accelerate EV adoption through education and infrastructure initiatives because we understand the wide-ranging benefits that the electrification of transportation can bring to all Canadians,” said Cara Clairman, President and CEO of Plug’n Drive. “We know selling EVs can be challenging, so we want to recognize those EV dealers across the country that are doing an amazing job, celebrate their success and try to replicate it.”

The Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Program is a joint initiative between the Canadian Electricity Association and Plug'n Drive.

The selection criteria and nomination/submission procedure will be available in April 2014.  The presentation of 2014 awards will take place at the EV 2014 VÉ Electric Vehicles Conference and Trade Show. For more information, visit electricvehicleawards.ca.

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