EV-charging infrastructure economics for site hosts

December 3, 2021-PnD

Electric Autonomy – 

Industry experts share their tips on how offices, institutions and retail site hosts can plan to incorporate public EV charging by utilizing incentives and other ancillary revenue opportunities

With the federal government’s recent decision to push its 100 per cent zero-emission vehicles sales target forward to 2035 and make it mandatory, one thing is clear: more public EV charging infrastructure is required to support growing demand.

Potential site hosts, such as municipal governments, retailers and workplaces must start preparing for the EV future, which centres around installing or operating public charging stations on their property.

To help them with their planning, Electric Autonomy Canada this week hosted a webinar, sponsored by FLO EV charging, focused on the role of incentives in aiding with deployment. Representatives from the City of Vancouver, Brock University, Plug’n Drive and FLO participated in a discussion, sharing insights on the installation of public EV charging infrastructure and on the challenges when considering an EV charging business models and finding funds to help offset costs.

Link to Full Article: https://electricautonomy.ca/2021/12/03/funding-ev-charging-infrastructure/