12 November, 2014

Enersource partners with Plug'n Drive

Enersource and Plug'n Drive are working together to better understand how electric vehicles affect electricity consumption.

Mississauga’s local electricity company recently partnered with the non-profit organization, whose commitment is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles within Ontario through the Charge My Car initiative. This initiative will help facilitate the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in individual homes.

“One of the barriers to electric car adoption is the perceived complexity of charging at home instead of refuelling at a gas station,” said Cara Clairman, CEO of Plug’n Drive. “Charge My Car simplifies the process of buying and installing an electric car charger.”

The two organizations will also analyze vehicle consumption data to discern the potential impact electric cars will have on the electricity grid.

“Although the electric vehicle is still relatively new to the consumer marketplace, now is the time to perform critical analysis on how this added consumption will affect the average customer and the overall electrical distribution grid,” said Peter Gregg, President and CEO at Enersource. “As this technology becomes more mainstream, the research done today will help us to better educate our customers on how to manage their electricity consumption in the future.

According to Plug‘n Drive, switching to an electric vehicle from a gas car can save an individual $2,000 a year or more in gas costs, while reducing their car’s carbon footprint by up to 90%. Currently, there are more than 9,000 electric vehicles in Canada, with that number increasing every day.

Enersource is one of Ontario's most reliable energy providers, serving approximately 200,000 residential and commercial customers across Mississauga. It is a diversified energy and technologies company that serves customers through the distribution of electricity and the delivery of services related to the design, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.

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