Electric Vehicle Range

“Range Anxiety” is the number one concern potential EV buyers have; the fear that they will run out of electricity half way and get stranded. The majority of EVs travel 200-400 km on a single charge. This is a lot more than it seems and there are several reasons why “range anxiety” should not be holding you back.

Most Canadians Drive 60 km or Less Per Day

This is well within the range of every EV available for sale in Canada. The next time you start your morning commute, set your trip calculator to zero and track your actual distance travelled. You may be surprised to learn that it is not as far as you think.

Battery Technology is Improving

The third generation of EVs being released in 2018 come with larger and more efficient battery packs with 200+ km driving ranges on a single charge. This is more than enough to suit the day-to-day needs of the average Canadian driver.

Public Charging Infrastructure is Growing

There are over 5,000 public charging stations in Canada, 250 of which are Level 3 DC-Quick chargers that will charge an EV battery from empty to 80% in 30 - 45 minutes. Most EVs have on-board GPS systems that can navigate to nearby charging stations. Many businesses and workplaces are installing charging stations for customer and/or employee use.

You Do Not Need to Buy a Fully Electric Car

For drivers that must travel more than 200 km on a regular basis, plug-in hybrids are the solution. Plug-in hybrids have all-electric driving distances between 20-80 km, (perfect for most morning commutes and inner-city driving), with backup gasoline engines or generators for inter-city highway driving.

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Electric Vehicle Advantage

Electric cars are cheaper to operate and maintain, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver better performance

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