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Electric cars have battery packs that recharge by plugging into the electricity grid. Charging is simple, convenient and affordable.

You can recharge using a simple wall socket or an electric vehicle charging station. The time it takes to fully charge is based on the level, or speed, of charging and how full the battery is.

Level 1 (One Hour of Charge ~ 8 km of Range)

All electric vehicles come standard with a cord-set that lets you charge using a regular wall socket, the same wall socket you would use to charge your smartphone or laptop. Level 1 is the slowest speed of charging, but is often enough to fully charge most EVs overnight.

Level 2 (One Hour of Charge ~ 30 km of Range)

Level 2 is the most common speed of charging. Most home charging stations, plus the majority of public charging stations, are Level 2. Electric vehicles made for the North American market all use the same plug standard (SAE J1772). This means that any car can use any one of the thousands of publicly available Level 2 stations across Canada and the United States.  

Level 3 Charging (One Hour of Charge ~ 250 km of Range)

Level 3 chargers are often called DC-Quick chargers and will fully charge your electric vehicle from empty to 80% in 30-45 minutes. Level 3 chargers are gas station replacements for electric vehicles. There are three standards of Level 3:   CHAdeMO is used by Kia, Mitsubishi and Nissan   CCS is used by BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai and Volkswagen   Supercharger is used by Tesla. Tesla Model S and X drivers can purchase an adaptor for CHAdeMO.   The majority of Level 3 installations, (with the exception of Tesla Supercharger banks), have both CHAdeMO and CCS available.

Public Charging

Most of your charging will take place at home, over night, when it is most convenient and the cost of electricity is lowest. Simply get home, plug in and wake up the next morning to a full battery.  No more gas stations! If must charge on the road, of course there's an app for that! Visit PlugShare or ChargeHub for a full list of public charging stations in Canada.

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We offer Canada's largest selection of residential chargers through our Charge My Car online store.

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The Electric Vehicle Advantage

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain, have better performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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