Welcome to Plug’n Drive’s catalogue of electric cars. This catalogue contains information on all of the plug-in electric cars available for sale in Canada. Please note that this catalogue does not include electric car models that are only available for sale in other countries, electric car models that have been discontinued or gasoline/diesel hybrids.

Each EV model has a details page with information on the cost to drive and greenhouse gas emissions  associated with driving that model in each Canadian province. All data is calculated by Plug’n Drive using these variables:

  • NRCan’s 2018 Fuel Consumption Guide
  • A gasoline price of $1.05 per litre
  • Off-peak electricity generation in each Canadian province (Source – Statistics Canada)
  • Off-peak electricity pricing in each Canadian province
  • An average annual driving distance of 20,000 km
  • Cost to drive and emissions figures for the gas car equivalents have been averaged by vehicle class (compact, fullsize, SUV, etc.)

Fully Electric: Fully electric cars are powered 100% by an electric motor and battery. Fully electric cars do not burn gasoline or diesel and have zero tailpipe emissions.

Most fully electric cars can travel 200-250 km on a full charge, with some models capable of 400+ km.

Plug-in Hybrid: Plug-in Hybrids use electricity and gasoline. They can travel 20-80 km (depending on model) on a full charge. Once the battery is used up, a gasoline engine or generator turns on for an additional 500+ km of gasoline range.

Plug-in Hybrids can do everything gas cars can do with the added benefit of providing all-electric driving for most day to day needs.

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The Electric Vehicle Advantage

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain, have better performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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