29 July, 2013

Plug'n Drive announces the launch of Charge My Car on the Road

Plug'n Drive announces the launch of Charge My Car on the Road, an open network of electric vehicle charging stations that will serve Ontario’s drivers.

Plug’n Drive has partnered with Greenlots, a company that provides networked solutions to car park owners, employers, municipalities, utilities and businesses to own and operate their own electric vehicle charging networks. Taking advantage of Greenlots’ open sourced protocol, Charge My Car on the road stations can be accessed by any smartphone, making finding and paying to park and charge convenient and easy. “Right now, most of the public charging stations in Ontario are not networked, meaning they are hard to find,” said Cara Clairman, President and CEO of Plug’n Drive. “Those that are networked tend to be closed source, meaning they can only be accessed and located by members with a special card.” A comprehensive network of easy to find and use public charging stations will help eliminate “range anxiety” and support the adoption of electric vehicles.

“We are thrilled to be working with Plug’n Drive on this important project” says Brett Hauser, [position] of Greenlots.  The Charge My Car network will be supported by Greenlots SKY, allowing drivers to simply find and access the stations on their smartphone or tablet. “

By creating an open network in Ontario and making sure it is interoperable with systems in other provinces, we have the opportunity to create a Canada-wide network that allows drivers to park and charge regardless of city, municipality or Province.

Plug’n Drive conducted an RFP to find charging station manufacturers that are willing to work together to establish and promote an open network and have hardware to accommodate it.  In this first round, Plug’n Drive is working with Eaton Corporation and AddEnergie to establish the network in Ontario.

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