Condo Charging

Ever since their introduction to the marketplace, electric vehicle demand has continued to climb. In 2017, electric vehicle sales in Canada experienced a 56% growth increase and this upward trend is expected to continue. The electric vehicle buying demographic leans toward well-educated urban professionals and, ultimately, their choice of property will come down to whether or not they have access to EV charging.

Benefits of Charging Stations

  • Attract new buyers and tenants while retaining existing ones
  • Demonstrate your environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability
  • Receive up to three LEED points from the Canada Green Building Council

Some Installation Options

  • Install a large bank of charging stations in parking spaces designated “EV Parking Only”. These charging stations could be made accessible to just tenants or to both tenants and visitors.
  • Allow residents to install charging stations at their assigned parking spaces. You can track the electricity consumption with a sub-metre or pre-paid agreement
  • Install a number of high voltage plugs throughout the parking lot and put the onus on the resident to buy their own charging stations

No matter what approach you take, there are a number of legal and logistical hurdles that residents, boards and property management companies face. Plug’n Drive, in partnership with the Canadian Condominium Institute, prepared the Enabling EV Charging in Condominiums guide to help you through the process. Though this guide is intended for condominiums, the same rules apply to all multi-residential buildings and complexes.