Condo Charging

Plug’n Drive presents our new EV charging in condominiums guide. This essential resource for condo owners, boards and managers will help you make your condo electric car ready. The guide includes information on drafting an EV charging agreement, typical installation steps,  load management considerations and two comprehensive FAQs, one for owners and the other for boards and property managers.


Electric Car Charging in Condos Information Guide

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Preparing for Electric Vehicles in Condominiums

Ever since their introduction to the marketplace, electric vehicle demand has continued to climb. In 2017, electric car sales in Canada experienced a 56% growth increase and this upward trend is expected to continue. The EV buying demographic leans toward well-educated urban professionals and, ultimately, their choice of property will come down to whether or not they have access to electric car charging. As of May 01, 2018, changes to the Condominium Act make it easier for condo corporations and residents to install charging stations. Some of the changes include:

  • The condo board must give residents access to the electrical information they need to do a feasibility assessment.
  • Applications to the board must include drawings and detailed plans that show how the installation is safe.
  • The condo corporation must reply to the application within 60 days. If it rejects the application, it must be done through the report of a qualified professional that demonstrates how the proposal would pose a serious health threat and/or safety risk to people or property.
  • The application must be sensitive to the costs incurred by other owners and the rights of other owners to enjoy common spaces.

For a full summary of the condominium act changes that were made on May 1, 2018 to accommodate EV charging, visit the Province of Ontario’s website: Owning a Condo: Install an Electric Vehicle Charging System.

Benefits of Charging Stations

  • Attract new buyers and tenants while retaining existing ones
  • Demonstrate your environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability
  • Receive up to three LEED points from the Canada Green Building Council

Download Your Copy of the “Make Your Condo EV Ready” Guide