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Volts, Amps, Speed: All charging stations sold through Charge My Car are Level 2. Level 2 stations have similar electrical needs to a laundry dryer, electric range or welder. A Level 2 station will fully charge most EVs over night.


Hardwired vs. Plug-in: Hardwired units tend to cost less to buy and are more permanently fixed to your property. Plug-in stations are more portable. You install a high voltage outlet and just plug your station in. All plug-in stations sold through Charge My Car use a variant of the NEMA outlet. See the product descriptions for details.


Incentives: Some Canadian provinces offer an incentive for the purchase and installation of charging stations. All stations sold through Charge My Car are eligible for Canada’s electric vehicle charging incentives.


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After you have your charging station, you will need a licensed electrician to install it. You can visit Finding an Electrician to identify the electrical contractors association in your province.


Ask an EV Specialist?

Signature Electric has you covered with this handy Charger Installation Process Guide