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Before You Buy – Read First

An EV charging station installation requires a licensed electrician to perform. Here are some common issues to be mindful of.


Electrical Service: Most home charging stations operate at 240 Volts and 30 Amps, which is similar to a clothes dryer or stove. Your home’s electrical service might need to be upgraded to accommodate your station. Your electrician will need to factor in an additional 10 Amps, so a 30 Amp station will require a dedicated 40 Amp breaker.


Location: Most stations come with either a 20 ft. or 25 ft. cord. Make sure that the cord will reach from where you are installing your station to your car’s charging port.


Plug-in Stations: Many products listed here are “plug-in” stations. These connect to a dryer plug (also known as a NEMA outlet). Each specific station requires a specific type of NEMA outlet. Make sure that your electrician installs the NEMA outlet that is compatible with your charger


Returns: All sales are final and we do not honour exchanges. We accept returns in the original packaging, unopened and shipped directly to us at the customer’s expense. We charge a 20% re-stocking fee for all returned items. All items must be returned within two weeks of the purchase date.


Shipping: Shipping is free unless ordering an accessory without a charger.  Delivery of your charger will take approximately 5 to 10 business days.



You can visit Finding an Electrician to identify the electrical contractors’ association in your province. These associations have search functions on their websites that can help you find an electrician near you.