BMW i3 Experience

Are you interested in electric cars, are thinking about buying one, but want to try it for a few days… Here’s your chance!


BMW i3 Experience Draw

Plug’n Drive is running a BMW i3 weekend experience promotion. Visit the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre┬áto test drive any one of our EV models on-site to be entered into a draw to win the keys to a BMW i3 for one weekend. There will be one draw each month.

To participate, you must:

Have a valid G-class driver’s license

Be 21+ years of age

Be available to pick-up the car from the EV Discovery Centre


This promotion runs from May 2019 to December 2019 and is made possible thanks to a generous individual that donated a 2015 BMW i3 REx to Plug’n Drive to further our electric vehicle education and awareness efforts.


To pre-register for your EV Discovery Centre test drive, visit: EV Test Drive Registration.

BMW i3 Rental Experience

If you are not the lucky winner of the monthly BMW i3 draw, but still want to experience what it is like to drive and live with one, we have good news. Plug’n Drive, in partnership with the Electric Vehicle Network, offers a BMW i3 rental service.

Visit the Electric Vehicle Network to select and book your times.

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