Announcing Canada’s electric vehicle industry leaders

September 30, 2020-PnD

Plug’n Drive and the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Electric Vehicle Awards.

The Electric Vehicle Awards, now in their sixth year, recognize Ca­nadian car dealerships and electrical utilities that are leaders in the sale and promotion of electric vehicles.

Dealerships that are being recognized have an impressive combination of sales, marketing efforts and public outreach to actively increase EV sales in their communities. Electrical utilities are rewarded based on the merits and impacts of utility led EV programs and initiatives.

The EV Awards program is available to dealerships and electrical utilities across Canada. The winners were selected by an independent panel of top Canadian EV industry experts from across the energy, auto, charging and media sectors. The 2020 EV Awards winners are:

  • Shift EV (Ontario): Leading Battery Electric Vehicle Dealership Award
  • VE Simon-André (Quebec): Mike Brigham Used Electric Vehicle Dealership Award
  • Alectra Utilities (Ontario): Tom Mitchell Electric Vehicle Utility Leadership Award
  • Bourgeois Chevrolet (Quebec): First Ever Hall of Fame Inductee


“This year’s winners are making EVs increasingly accessible,” said Cara Clairman, President and CEO of Plug’n Drive, “Collectively, their efforts and results deliver environmental and economic benefits that extend beyond their communities to all Canadians.”

Electric vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, while helping Canada reach its climate change action goals.

“The Canadian electricity that powers EVs is among the cleanest in the world at more than 80% GHG emissions free,” said Francis Bradley, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. “The electrification of transportation is a crucial component of building a cleaner and more prosperous future.”

This year’s EV Awards winners were recognized during a virtual ceremony on Tuesday, September 29. A full recording of the ceremony is available at: 2020 Electric Vehicle Awards Ceremony.


Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Utilities

“Being recognized by both Plug n’ Drive and the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) shows that we are on the right path as an ally supporting the electrification of transportation. The work that we are doing allows us to explore new, green technologies that we can share with our customers.”

Alissa André, Director of Sales and Marketing, VE Simon-André

“It’s an honor to receive this award as we here at Véhicules électriques Simon André work very hard to educate Canadians on used electric vehicles. Our customers are our priority, we advise them according to their needs and we support them well after their purchase. L’innovation et le travail d’équipe font partie de notre ADN, c’est pourquoi nous tenons à remercier notre équipe et nos clients, ce sont eux les gagnants!”

Christine Bourgeois, Controller and Co-Owner, Bourgeois Chevrolet

“Passionate since 1964, we have made our mark in the EV industry, being the #1 electric vehicle dealer in Canada.”