Welcome to Plug’n Drive’s catalogue of electric cars. This catalogue contains information on all of the plug-in electric cars available for sale in Canada. Please note that this catalogue does not include electric car models that are only available for sale in other countries, electric car models that have been discontinued or gasoline/diesel hybrids.

Fully Electric: A fully electric car runs entirely on electricity and has zero tailpipe emissions. Most fully electric cars will travel 200+ km on a full charge.

Plug-in Hybrid: A plug-in hybrid has both electric and gasoline technologies on-board. Plug-in Hybrids deliver dedicated all-electric driving distances of 20-80 km (depending on model) before a gasoline engine/generator turns on for 400+ km of additional gasoline range.

Compare Your Gas Car to an EV

Most Canadians drive 50 km or less per day, which is well within the range of every single electric vehicle on the market. Input your commute to find your perfect EV match.


The Electric Vehicle Advantage

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain, have better performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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