Most charging happens at home over-night when it is most convenient and the cost of electricity is lowest. This is easier said than done for condo residents who face legal and logistical hurdles. Plug'n Drive has prepared this guide to help equip condo boards, property developers and condo residents with the information they need to go about installing charging stations: Enabling EV Charging in Condominiums Guide.

Benefits of Installing Charging Stations

Tenant Attraction/Retention

The electric car buying demographic is growing. Ultimately, their choice of property will come down to where they can charge. It is vital that property developers prepare for electric vehicles in order to attract new tenants and retain existing ones.


Installing charging stations is the perfect way to demonstrate your leadership and a commitment to sustainability.

LEED Accreditation

New buildings are encouraged to install charging stations as part of their design and are rewarded with up to three LEED points from the Canada Green Building Council.

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