Charge My Car

Charge My Car is a partnership between Plug’n Drive and Ontario’s Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). The program offers a customer-facing online store for home charging station purchase and installation while providing LDCs with key market insights into EV adoption in their service territories.

Program Features

Online Charging Station Store

Charge My Car is one of Canada’s largest online stores for home charging stations. Charge My Car offers competitive pricing and free shipping Canada-wide. Plug’n Drive’s staff offers guidance and support throughout the purchasing process to ensure installations are performed by a licensed electrician.

Location Data Capture

With the customer’s permission, LDC partners have access to the street addresses of Charge My Car’s customers. Extrapolating this data will lead to increased grid-impact intelligence on the projected growth of EV sales alongside information about EV consumer profiles and charging patterns. This also enables LDCs to engage with EV owners and explore future opportunities.


All LDC members receive an annual report that covers all charging station sales in their jurisdiction as well as high-level information on the state of Canada’s electric vehicle industry.

Charge My Car Partners